Artist Statement






For as long as I can remember art has been an important part of who I am. My whole family is creative in many kinds of arts so I was surprised as an adult to realize that we saw the world through slightly different eyes than did many people. We saw pinks in green oceans and reds in blue skies, line and shapes and rhythm where others saw mere objects. I was successful in the art community of Coastal California for many years and expected to always create art. Life, however, had other plans and my life as an artist suffered a long interruption that ended only in the last few years.

Everyday I praise God for bringing me back to the wondrous and healing world of art. I have accumulated so many paintings inside of me that sometimes I feel a kind of physical pressure as they seem to jostle about pleading to be brought to life. Every element of creation inspires a new idea for an art piece. I think that we artists are so very privileged to walk in the Creator’s path studying His creations to reveal their heart, their inner song, to others. I am most touched by textures, rhythms of line, form and the play of light and shadow. I enjoy color and have noticed how often I use red in a piece, but I am just as often drawn to the eloquence and drama of black and white. When I use color, I frequently play with the contrast of temperatures and enjoy the vitality of opposites or their relatives. I enjoy exploring different mediums and currently work in pastels because I revel in the pure pigments with their vibrance and brilliance, but oils and acrylics also have my attention for the many nuances these mediums allow. Drawing is the basis of any good art and I love playing with the tones of graphite. My obsession, however is with scratch board engraving also called scratch art. The textures and details this medium permits fascinate me. In whatever medium I use, with whatever technique, however, with each piece of art I am seeking to capture something of the very essence of the subject with the prayer that its heart’s song will touch a soul. I offer my galleries with the hope that my images from the heart touches your soul as mine was touched.



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                                                                                                                                                              by the way, the peace sign 
evolved from the naval semaphorefor ND---for nonnuclear defense