Surrounded by art and artists all my life, it was natural that I began making art as a young child. My first serious art award came at age six. By highschool my art had matured into a sellable style that earned awards. I minored in

 fine art at Dominican College in San Rafael, California in the early 60's and studied under the tutelage of two fine Marin County artists for two additional years. In Santa Barbara, California art patron Maria Margelli, who was instrumental in Mario Lanza’s career, took me under her patronage and soon had my work represented by a fine Santa Barbara gallery and hanging in the Arlington Theater. I enjoyed sales, commissions and awards for a number of years then, as happens to many artists, life took its turns and creating with pigments was put on the shelf as I pursued a successful career in psychology.

Semi-retired now, I returned to the art world only a few years ago. Though oil landscapes had held my heart in the early years, I re-entered the art scene with pastels. I love the rich textural quality and the vibrancy of this medium.  More recently I am exploring acrylics and have resumed working with oils, but my true love now is the much over looked medium of scratch board engraving. ( description here). I have explored many different subjects and will continue to do so, however I am frequently moved by  nature and wildlife subjects. Indeed, a portion of my income goes towards their preservation.

 Workshops and classes with masters in their mediums continues my education and development as an artist. I am pleased to contribute to the education of others, as well, through the workshops  that I teach several times a year.

I am active in our local art association and serve on the board of directors. The Federation of Canadian Artists have juried me in as an active member. Several galleries and venues represent my work. I have taken ribbons in every show I’ve entered . However, I don’t paint for shows or even for sales, rather I paint what touches my soul personally with the hope of communicating to others what inspired me.  I am pleased then that my works hang in homes across the United States and in several different countries.  It is my hope  that you have enjoyed the art in my galleries here and have been touched as well.