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I've received so many kind comments that my guest page is now too long so I have moved older comments to this archived page.  Recent guest entries are now on the Blog/journal page. 
Sept.1, 2007 Hi Trilby!Have just been "skipping" around some of the links at the cafe and realised I had not been to visit you since your mammoth effort with your sunsets....I just love them!!!!!!!!!!! Jools
        Hey there Jools, great to hear from you! Yeah the sunsets have been a trip, great fun. I've done 14 of them and half have sold off the easel. My gallery initially commissioned them and they to date only  have one of them (oh and the director bought one for herself :) ) So I will have to continue to follow the westering sun and paint more. My framer spontaneously did a featured show in their large windows and I got fantastic response with phone calls and emails and sales. Currently they are at Fort Huachuca along with about 30 other of my pieces for a monthlong featured showthere, My name in lights no less on their marquee. 5 or 10 mins of fame is fun while it lasts :). Here's a press release on the two shows.
These aren't the only two venues for this month. I have work in 6 places andwill also put pieces in two  county fairs. Then in Oct. the first weekend is our big Art In The Park festival So I'm certainly getting the exposure this Fall. Thanks again for stopping by.T

Aug 12,2007 Hey Trilby!  Just wanted to say I absolutely love your website!  It's interesting, informative and loaded with gorgeous art.  You've done an excellent job.  Sandra
       Hey Sandra!Glad to hear from you and with such ego boosting comments, especially about the web site. I've had a lot of fun putting it together, and am really having a good time with the new collections. Thank you! T
Aug.4,2007 Where is your studio located, exactly?  We are fairly new to bisbee. I saw your work at the frame shop in Sierra Vista & I love your work! Jan      
  Hi Jan, How kind of you to write to let me know of seeing and liking my work at We Frame It. I'm greatly enjoying painting the two new collections, South West, and the Desert Sunsets. If you would like to see more of my work in real life and not just on my web site, I have several pieces on view at Verano Fine Art Gallery at 22 Main, Bisbee. Also I usually have pieces on display at the Huachuca Art Association Gallery. Check out "Coming Events" for other shows such as my featured show at Fort Huachuca. I operate under the name of EarthSong Studio but it doesn't have a physical home as yet. I hope to open a studio on my property sometime this year. I am, however, always happy to arrange for a private showing. I look forward to meeting you in person one day. T
Aug.1,2007 Just wanted to tell you how much I like your site, and your art.  I love your intense colors in the sunsets.  I love the southwest landscape and plan another visit to at least New Mexico one of these days.  Beautiful work! Christy 
      Christy, with your own beautiful work, I take that as a fine compliment indeed. I appreciate your taking the time to comment. I'm having a lot of fun with the sunsets---and they are selling. The southwest has always drawn me, probably why I live where I do in Arizona. We are enjoying great cloud scapes now with the rainy season.New Mexico is truly the land of enchantment and around Santa Fe the light in that thin clear desert air is really unique. I  would like to visit there again myself!  Trilby

  July 18,2007 Trilby, Loved your website and it's flexability. The on the easel page is great and the cheetah wonderful. Well done.Mary Jane            Hi Mary Jane! Comments like yours make my day. I appreciate comments about my website as much as about my art since the website is a creative production as well. Thankyou for taking the time to let me know that my design is effective and I'm so pleased that you like the cheetah. She was a special project for me. T

July 10, 2007 Good Morning Trilby,It was really a pleasure to meet you last weekend.  I love your works and am so glad that John introduced us. He's a really nice man isn't he? I am very interested in your engraved works and especially the horse.  In addition, I would really love to see your other work. Especially anything with a southwestern motif. I had been very interested in "The Conquered One", so if you have anything else along those lines, I would love to  see. Karen        
     Karen,I too really enjoyed our meeting. John has been a fine friend! I am really pleased at how much you enjoyed both my web site presentation and the real life works. And, of course, am so pleased that you purchased "The Long Vigil" as that one's story has always been special to me. I will be happy to show you new work or to work with you on a commission. Obviously I love working in pastels and have been in a painting frenzy in that medium, but my heart's really wrapped around the scratchart and I will enjoy returning to that fine medium. T

July 10, 2007 Trilby, I  enjoyed talking with you. Your art is truly beautiful. I think that once the right people see your work you'll be in high demand. Would you please sign the back of "The Conquered One" for me before you drop it off for shipping? I'd appreciate it.I plan on getting down there again early next year and look forward to chatting with you again at the diner.Ernie        
      Ernie, It was a real pleasure to meet with all of you and talk art. I'm so very pleased that you apprecciate my work. It will be my pleasure to sign the piece you purchased and it will ship within the week. I'll look forward to another meeting and another time of sharing art. your own photography is a real pleasure. T         
June 22,2007 Your kuguar art and other art is just amazing! Keep up the good work, Zeljko 
Hi Zeljko, after looking at your art on your site I think your comment is high praise indeed. Thank you very much. I like the scratchart because of it's potential for a high degree of realistic detail. I also really like the big cats and am enjoying doing some in pastel as well. T


June 17, 2007 Had to check out the new work, really great stuff, I especially like walking Home, October Road and the Saguaro Sunset. Beautiful coloring and you really caught the mood! Janice         
       Wow, Janice what a fine compliment, thankyou so much I'm totally enjoying both of these new collections. I'm working now on the next 10 pieces---trying to get ready for several upcoming shows. T

May 24, 2007 Beautiful work. I would like to receive your newsletter, carol.

         Thankyou Carol, I'm delighted that you checked out my site and like my work. I've sent you the last edition of Trilby's Art News and have added you to my email list so you will receive the next edition as well as notifications of new art. Have a terrific weekend! T





        Hi Julie. I'm so glad you popped in; I love it when folk sign my guest book! Your enthusiasm for my work made my day. Thank You! I'm eager to get back to doing scratchart because it really is an entrancing medium to work in. I do literally become somewhat entranced as I work. I'ts such a meditative process for me. Have a great week, T

 May10,2007 Thank you for the info.  I agree with you and do like the way a watercolor painting looks behind a mat and glass.Thanks again,Veronica       
      Veronica, I'm pleased I could assist. I think that artists need to help and support each other. even framed behind glass a watercolor can be sealed to protect it and to return that glow it had when wet. T
May7, 2007  I am not a pro on watercolor painting  but have done a few as gifts and is there a fixitave for this medium to keep colors still glowing? Veronica       
      Hi Veronica, here is an interesting discussion on sealing a water color and framing it without glass:

        Hi Julie. I'm so glad you popped in; I love it when folk sign my guest book! Your enthusiasm for my work made my day. Thank You! I'm eager to get back to doing scratchart because it really is an entrancing medium to work in. I do literally become somewhat entranced as I work. I'ts such a meditative process for me. Have a great week, T

 May10,2007 Thank you for the info.  I agree with you and do like the way a watercolor painting looks behind a mat and glass.Thanks again,Veronica       
      Veronica, I'm pleased I could assist. I think that artists need to help and support each other. even framed behind glass a watercolor can be sealed to protect it and to return that glow it had when wet. T
May7, 2007  I am not a pro on watercolor painting  but have done a few as gifts and is there a fixitave for this medium to keep colors still glowing? Veronica       
      Hi Veronica, here is an interesting discussion on sealing a water color and framing it without glass:
Wet Canvas is a teriffic site for sharing with other artists and is a wealth of information. I don't personally seal my watercolors, and I rather like the look of mat and glass but more and more artists are seeking ways to avoid the mat and glass framing. Thanks for aking. I hope this reference helps. T
April 29 Hi Trilby, I love your site, the art as well as your eloquence in writing with such heart and soul. I did enjoy our visit Friday.  Hope to spend time with you again soon and share our art. If I understand correctly, you have gotten a lot of hits on your site since you opened  11/06 Have you had many sales? Bernita      
Hi Bernita, It was a good visit indeed. Thanks for checking out my site and signing my guestbook with your kind comments. Yes, I'm pleased with my hits and my placement on search engine pages. I've made sales from the site, yes. T

April 10, 2007 Trilby are the flower watercolors new?  They are strong!  I like them a lot. Floyd        
Good to hear from you again Floyd! Yes the watercolors are new and I expect to do more, T

Feb 18, 2007 Happy Valentines a few days late! Say, I like your site. The tutorials on your easel page are interesting, keep putting them up please. I want to see the lions finished, Larry.
  Hi Larry, thanks for the Valentine wish, I hope yours was filled with love. I appreciate your comments on my site. They are leopards, but yes they do look a lot like lions don't they. They are finished and I will post it soon to the gallery, along with a couple other new pieces. T

Jan 27, 2007 hiya trilby, love that apple trees image, that style would be superb for children's books. thanks for kind comments on wetcanvas site, best wishes, Nick.   
      Nick, thankyou for taking the time to sign my guest book and comment! I appreciate your thoughts about Apple Trees Flambeau. I think it would be interesting to illustrate youth books and once considered looking into it. I liked your work ; it was easy to comment on. Have a blessed and artful year. T
Jan 18, 2007  (The following comments were offered in a Wet Canvas forum about "From Out Of The Night"---now "on the easel" soon to be posted in the scratchboard gallery... so descriptive I had to post here!)  This piece radiates raw energy. It reminds me of the feeling I've gotten looking at Remington's horses in "Heading for the Timber" - it kicks the adrenalin up a notch just looking at it. David
Jan 17, 2007 This drawing says so many things...of course the drama ...but, the angle and the placement and angles, as well as the hair being suspended all come together to add grace ,the fleeting moment,speed, the animals confidence,the bulk of this beast THAT your mind almost wants to hear the clop of his hoof....thanks for posting...Rod-Man
      Rod  and David these are such   moving descriptions of my work that I'm  left  blushing. All I can say is thank you for such kind words. I am honored. T
Jan. 14, 2007  Hi there Trilby I've been here enjoying myself a couple of times already but decided that it just wasn't fair to keep visiting without saying hello!!  Keep up the excellent work....waiting to see that native dancer posted on here. By for now....:-)......Dianna
      Dianna, It's great to hear from you, I was wondering where you were? I've a couple of pastels and a scratch art piece to finish then it's the dancer's turn, repair work isn't nearly as much fun as new work. You should get a notificatin when new work goes up. I'm glad you have seen the site before the programing glitch that had left it in tatters. T.
Jan. 12, 2007 I checked out your web site...very VERY nice work...Rod-Man
       Hi Rod-man, what a nice note to begin my evening with. Thankyou. I dearly love both scratch board art and pastel, well really all mediums but these are my favorites. Your work is so intriguing and well detailed that I particularly appreciate the accolade. I have a new scratcher just about finished that I will post soon.T.
Jan. 10, 2007   Wow what a wonderful site, great way to get the exposure you deserve. My favorite is still the Grand Canyon (its luminous) GREAT SITE!, Judy
     Hi Judy, Thanks for taking a look see. I'm glad you are enjoying the Grand Canyon Moon. I've sold some additional prints. I'm working on one now I'm sure you'll love---an Arabian stallion charging out of the night! T.

Jan.8, 2007     Trilby, I am checking out your guest book and your website (I have been here before) You have everything set up really nice.... piper
      Hi Piper! Hey, I appreciate your stopping by. I'm having great fun with this site, as much as with a painting. I need more good pastels to put up and in time I have a couple more mediums to go up, all in time. You sure are doing some great things with your work. T
Jan 6, 2007 Just wanted to tell you this is an interesting site, you've made it very professional yet it has a nice touch of fun to it. Your scratchart is interesting too, I had not heard of it before. Nice work. I'll be back, Larry
      Hi Larry,  I'm glad you like the site and my work. Do come back as the site and the galleries are always undergoing change. T
Jan 4, 2007  It is hard to tell on screen about your questions on the flame, but over all I think the piece turned out very well. (The Old Reading Room, pastel on the easel and in the pastel gallery) I like the shadow play which becomes part of the story of the artwork and how it leads the eye as it allows the mind to wander and make up a story about the scene presented.
Was glad I got to see this piece completed! Hope the New Year brings you joy in all things, Jenn
      Jenn, I really like your critique of my piece and thank you for taking the time. It was the shadows as much as anything that drew me to do this piece. I will most of the time have a new piece "on the easel" in my site. Blessings throughout your year, T.
Dec. 31, 2006  Hey thanks Trilby!  Cool name by the way.   I like using my homemade cold encaustic method.  It has taken some time to develop. I was looking for a more luminious method of painting directly.
 I looked up your site.  Cool stuff!  Do you make your own scratch boards? 
I liked your mountain lion especially.  I've never done wildlife, some
 friends of mine in school were devoted to the genre, buit I was going to
 be a  great artist.  So I never bothered to learn how.  Stupid Dobby!
 Talk to you next year!  Floyd
Cold encaustic? Now that seems a contradiction in  terms. I would be curious how you do that! I've never worked in encaustic, didn't even know much until recently when an encaustic artist joined our art association. I'll be taking a class with her come March. No I don't make my own scratchboard. I use ampersand's clayboards. Thanks for your comments. I may be adding Cougar's contemplation to my personal collection. I like him on my wall where he's living now. I sell lots of prints of him.I've never studied wildlife art but I love it. One of the new year's projects is to do more studying. Seems to me yu made your dream and are a great artist .  Happy New Year! stay warm in that truck of yours. T.
Dec. 29, 2006 Hey Trilby, Nice site.  I really like the pastels.  You know me, I love pastels.  I hope to pick mine up at some time. Ellen
     Hey Ellen, great to hear from you. It's a new year, time to pick up your pastels. T.
Dec 28, 2006   Hi Trilby, Congratulations, this is really exciting news. The site looks great, and I wish you every success in the coming year. Please let me know if there's anything we can do to help you along in this next phase of your work. Best regards, Mick
      Mick, how nice to hear from you and thanks for taking a look at the site. It's the first time you've seen some of these pieces. I'm pretty excited to be doing this too.  I've finished the piece that is on the What's on The Easel page and expect I'll be bringing it up for a scan. It's turned out well. Have a Happy New Year, T.
Dec.28, 2006  Trilby,  The site looks amazing. it truly showcases your works. I can only see good things coming from it. Rob
P.s "watchful eyes" is listed as a leopard is that correct? maybe it's the resolution on my computer.
Hi Rob, great to hear from you! I appreciate your taking the time to take a look through the site and contacting me. Thanks for your comments! Yes, I have put a lot of thought and work into this site and am proud of it, now I just have to keep the art work coming to supply it. Glad to know you received "Trilby's Art News". Yes, the reference I used for Watchful Eyes listed it as a leopard, and I've seen others that look like this called leopards, though I think it looks like a cheetah's face myself. One of my projects this year is to really get to know more about the wildlife that I do.
I hope your and your family's Christmas was blessed and merry and may those blessings extend into the new year. T
Dec. 25, 2006 Merry Christmas. Great site, very professional, good work too! I'll be watching. Anne
     A Big Thank You! T.
Dec. 24, 2006 Hi Trilby--I have been looking at some web sites on Artspan and clicked on your work. It is beautiful and I enjoyed seeing "What is on the easel". Great idea! I am an Artspan artist also working in pastel, colored pencil and some scratchboard. The scratchboard is not on the site yet. I will check back to visit. Donna
      Thanks for your kind comments. I will look forward to seing your scratchart. It's just about my favorite medium. T.
Dec.18, 2006 Trilby, just wanted to tell you what a nice site this is. I especially like The Ancient One, The Cougar, and Orange Splendor. I am enjoying your WIP on What's On The Easel. Marty
      Those happen to be my favorites too. Thankyou! T.
Dec.16, 2006 Love your website and your work but could not get the painting Katrina to open to full size. Computers hate me. Don't want to comment until I can see it better. Lee
       Thanks, Lee, 'puters sometimes hate me too, I'm sending yu her image in an attachment. T.
Dec. 11, 2006
I thought I would check out your site since it mentioned scratchboard. Your work is lovely, very beautiful. It must take hours to do the animals. I love your sunflower; I did not know you could color scratchart as I've only seen them in black and white. Thanks for sharing your art and have a Merry Christmas. Merriel
     Thank you for your kind comments and yes it does take hours. It is actually a very versatile  art form and can be done on black board or white and colored with any pigment. I use inks. A blessed Christmas and New Year to you, T.


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Idle Musings Of The Artist That Have A Hidden Agenda

As I am working on many pastels recently I have noticed that my style is evolving into what could be labeled contemporary representational expressionism. Certainly the contemporary southwestern paintings in pastels is developing in this direction.

The recent South west collection contains pastel sunsets, desert landscapes, desert sunsets particularly Arizona sunsets and Native American (though I prefer American Indian) images. There are also cowboy and western images as they are all apiece with the South Western history and sense of place.

The images of the great landscapes of the western lands in the states of the West inspire me with their open spaces and sense of isolation and history. The big sky country of the southwest begs for skyscapes or perhaps it’s sky scapes. Then there is the southwestern wild life as varied and intriguing as is the African wildlife which I render in pastel and scratchart. I expect these trends will be seen in my oils and acrylics as well. The nature scenes in pastels and scratchart will be carried into watercolors. Water colors have such potential for exploring light.

At times I have thought to develop photorealistic approaches in my work but more and more as I work in pastels, oils and acrylics I use less and less detail and focus more the use of marks and impressions. I would not call my work impressionistic, however, though like that school of art I am exploring the effects of light. I am more seeking an expressionistic interpretation—the soul and essence of the subject that has touched me and impelled me to paint it.

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