Christmas is upon us

| 23 December, 2011 08:51

Tomorrow we celebrate Christmas, Some are celebrating Hannuka for a few days yet, others celebrate other traditions. All seem to be reminders that miracles happen. It is a shame that political correctness has fuzzed up the season, nonethe less it remains a time of celebration, of reaching out to one another with peace and kindness and hope for a better tomorrow.

The Huachuca Art Association opened a storefront in the Sierra Vista Mall for the season. What a wonderful success it has been, so well received by everyone. There's something about art that brings out that sense of peace and kindness I think, the miracle of beauty shared. We will be open there til the end of the year---and perhaps somewhat longer.

I am working on a special commission that sadly won't be ready for Christmas but soon after. I'll share it here with the individual's permission.

To all a Peaceful Season, a Merry Christmas and a Blessed New Year.


A Bright Winter Morn

| 03 December, 2011 12:25

Clouds on one side of the valley are a lavender curtain showcasing sunlit mountains, on the other side bright gold and reds of winter chilled trees. Temperatures are brisk, the day a bright, beautiful event. The dog eagar to walk to the river. How she stands to wade in near freezing water, I'll never know but she loves it.

All summer and fall I've been way too busy with house rehabs, yard clean ups and other obligations, but now there is a slow down and I am able to attend more to doing art. I have a new commission for a sunset scene that excites. I'll share the progress here. On the schedule is a thank you painting of wildlife, perhaps a deer or elk. Also a fun painting of a burro I am eager to do. The paintings within my soul are again knocking on the walls of my being to be released.

Been Away Too Long

| 17 November, 2011 10:32

Good morning everyone,

I have had way too many irons in the fires and art has been on the back burner for most of this year. I do see a dim light at the end of this tunnel and am returning to the world of art bit by bit. In returning to Artspan and updating information for them, I've learned that some of the features I had kind of Jury rigged, such as the scrapbook page and guest book page are now available as a regular part of the site, such as a blog. So, this is my first ever blog entry. 


I will be gradually updating and revamping my long neglected website. I have a number of new pieces to post, old ones to take down. To all those who have checked back from time to time (for according to my visitor stats, there are quite a few of you) I do appologize for such a long sabatical. I very much look forward to again having interaction with you, and now to have the ability to engage in discussion. Thank you all for your faithful interest.